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Design Goals

or, Why is Ferret Central so boring to look at?

Warning: This is my own little soapbox. No criticism of any other page is intended, just my personal philosophy statement -- and okay, just a teeny bit of defensiveness.

Why is Ferret Central so boring? Why no cheery background music, no frames, tables, or animation, not even a measly bouncing-ball bullet?

I want Ferret Central to be as accessible as possible. Whether you're using Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, AOL's browser, lynx, or even a screen reader (blind people have ferrets too), I'd like the information in Ferret Central and the FAQ to load quickly and read easily. No need to download a plug-in, turn on automatic image loading, or even resize your window: I want it to work no matter what. (Okay, the buttons will look better if your window's a little wider, but it's not tragic if they move around a little.)

I use Navigator 3.01 on a big color screen with a fast, direct connection to the 'Net, and I've had problems with some sites that use frames excessively, and been frustrated by others that use so many graphics and sounds they take forever to load. I also sometimes use lynx over a slow modem, and been even more frustrated. I know that flashy graphics and sounds are "cool" and tend to win the design awards, but I usually find them annoying, and I don't use them.

If you have problems viewing this site, if it's slow or clunky or incomprehensible, please let me know and I'll do what I can to fix it. (For more information about accessible Web pages, see the guidelines for HTML accessibility for users with disabilities from the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium (WAI of the W3C) or the similar document from the Trace R&D Center.)

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