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New location for Ferret Central!

Ferret Central, the FAQ, the Photo Gallery, and all the other related files have moved. If you're reading this, you found the right place. Please update your links and bookmarks to refer to the Photo Gallery's new location, <http://www.ferretcentral.org/gallery/>. Many thanks to the folks at World Access Network, Inc. for their generous donation of hosting services.
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Also see the Equipment How-To Photos which provide examples of how you might want to build or set up your cages, shoulder bag, collars, and so forth.

The Gallery is Closed

I'm sorry, but the Ferret Photo Gallery is closed for now. The pages will remain, but I'm not adding pictures. I haven't had time to add any in far too long. If you can put your pictures up on your own page, I'll gladly link to it.

July 30, 1997

The photos and thumbnails for this Gallery are now hosted by FIRST Inc. and will hopefully be faster and a bit more stable. Many thanks to Sam Taylor and FIRST for their generous assistance.

February 25, 1997

Here's a list of all the ferrets whose pictures were added the last time I added any. These links go to the pages without previews. Also see the list of other folks' ferret pages.


The Photo Gallery occupies six pages. Except where otherwise noted, all the pictures are color JPEGs. These pictures are all copyrighted, either by me or by the original photographers. You are welcome to use a few of the pictures of Pixxel or Rusty for any non-commercial purpose; to use them for anything commercial, or to use any of the other pictures, please write for permission.

Photos are listed in roughly the order that they were added, so the most recent ones are on the last couple of pages. Each page is available either with or without lots of 3-5 kB previews of of the photos. (Unless you have a few minutes to wait, you'll probably want to start with the ones without previews.) The ferret names below link to the pages without previews.

Page 1, with or without previews

Page 2, with or without previews Page 3, with or without previews Page 4, with or without previews Page 5, with or without previews Page 6, with or without previews

Other people's ferret photo pages

See the separate list.
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