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Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this Gallery.

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Except where otherwise noted, all the pictures are color JPEGs. You should be able to save a copy of any of them using your browser or image-display program.

Bandi, Flash, Nico, Mad Max, CJ, Mittens, Jagger and Zack

[20k] This little female silvermitt Mittens puts her best (white) foot forward here. She lives with Bob Rudich, also known as "Rudy the Ferlosopher". He took that pseudonym when Massachusetts was still an FFZ -- that is, a place where, for some reason, ferrets are banned.

[28k] Mittens and sable female CJ get along like sisters, though both are adopted. They even both pose nicely for a camera.

[16k] Meanwhile, sable male Zack secures the outside perimeter. The only thing that seems to be moving out there is his shadow.

[19k] Four-month-old Jagger is a dark sable male with white feet and a bib, quite a formal outfit for such a young'un.

[13k] [27k] Mad Max may look like he wants to bite, but in fact he's a wonderful ferret who just wants to play. Ferret games often involve mock combat and chase.

[8k] [8k] Flash is one of Bob's favorite photo subjects. Here he is climbing on the couch and, with buddy Nico, begging for a squeaky toy just off camera.

[13k] [24k] Ferrets and children can get along just fine, if they're carefully supervised. Bob's 8 1/2-month-old neice, Nicolette, thinks Flash is Lambchop come to life; she couldn't be happier. Max and CJ also enjoy a romp on the floor with her.

[17k] Here's Bandi hiding out in an umbrella stand, "one of his favorite command posts," according to Bob. Bandi eventually convinced Bob to drop the idea of the collar as more trouble than it was worth.


[16k] Nessy, John Rhyne and Sara McCauley's sable female, likes to play cowboy. This boot might be just a teeny bit too big for her, though.

Chipper and Gina

[12k] Chipper and Gina, Billy Ray and Shari Gunter's sable and silver mitt females, run to the window sill to try to escape the big, two-legged "aliens" who keep tyring to hold and cuddle them. Gina is very outgoing with everyone, but Chipper is always ready to dart under something.

[14k] [8k] Both Chipper and Gina like to play outside on their leashes, despite -- or because of -- all the loud noises and excitement.

[11k] Here are Chipper and Gina playing in their newest toy -- the top to a dismantled humidifier. "Put a couple balls of yarn in and they are busy for 20 minutes. Just vacuum around them," says Shari.

[15k] Chipper didn't really know how to play when Shari and Billy Ray adopted her, since she'd spent her first few months of life running away from a toddler. She soon learned, though, and began to enjoy chasing around her blue plastic ball.

[8k] [13k] Gina often enjoys a drink from her favorite "watering hole," the toilet. Be careful, though; some ferrets have been known to fall in and even drown. Gina and Chipper do have more conventional dining facilities in their cage.

[13k] [11k] Here's Billy Ray holding "the girls", and Chipper giving Shari kisses while she's trying to nap on the sofa.


[23k] Here's Ed Bullard's sable female Winnie, framed by the handle of a watering can. Winnie had lymphosarcoma, but Ed says that right up to the end she "played just as hard as her body would let her".

Daisey Lu

[3k] [10k] AJ Comire's 9-week-old sable female Daisey Lu is good at enjying herself, whether she's burrowing through a fluffy comforter (a favorite ferret pastime) or checking out AJ's young niece.

Mitzi, Tara, Dutch and Hexy

[22k] Mitzi, Michelle Tonkinson's silver mitt female, likes playing with Christmas decorations like this gingerbread house. She's nearly 5 years old and still going strong.

[23k] Young albino Tara is very much a lady, and always lets the other ferrets know when they're not being nice. Here she is curled up in her blankets.

[24k] Sable male Dutch, shown here perched on the arm of a couch, is a real sweetie who just loves to give kisses. He's named after Phillies catcher Darrin Daulton.

[23k] Hexy, a male chocolate mitt about 6 months old, is a bundle of energy, captured here in mid-cavort on the couch. Hexy is named after Flyers goalie Ron Hextall. Any guesses where Michelle lives?


[17k] Ian Smith and Nicole Manuel are the proud parents of this 2-year-old male blaze, Mojo. He's small, but "as mental as they come," says Ian, and he's clearly very good at yawning.

"Hairless" and "Unknown"

[18k] This is a picture of John and Pam Grant of STAR*Ferrets "torturing" a ferret, humiliating it by giving it bunny ears for the photo.

[12k] [10k] This is "Hairless," a female ferret in the STAR* shelter. (Pam didn't tell me her real name; in fact, she might not know.) Hairless is in the late stages of adrenal disease, which is why she's bald. Hairless, pictured in either a side view or held by Pam, didn't arrive in the shelter until it was probably too late for her. If your ferrets start to lose their hair unexpectedly, please have them checked out by a vet.


[8k] Here's a really nice picture of Aaron & Tracy McAlpine's albino female Pinky playing in the grass outside.

Phantom, Chubby Bubba, Blaze, Farley, Cubby, and Cadbury

[20k] Phantom, an albino male, likes to look out the window at the wide world. He entered Dave and Cindy Bozenski's lives after they took a trip to the pet store to look at a puppy, and he was named for Cindy's interest in "The Phantom of the Opera".

[21k] Chubby Bubba, a dark sable male, came to Dave and Cindy's from a neighbor. With a face like that, who could resist?

[22k] Here are dark sable Blaze and albino Farley, both males, playing with a remote control car. "Blaze is telling Bill Gates just what he thinks of his company," says Dave.

[13k] [13k] Both Bubba and Farley like playing with their toys. Be very careful with soft, spongy toys like the ball Farley's chewing on, though; some ferrets will chew off peices and swallow them, which could cause an intestinal blockage. Farley was named for the dog which passed away in the comic strip "For Better or For Worse," since Dave and Cindy got him around that time.

[15k] Quite the ham, sable Cubby poses very nicely for the photographer. He's pretty young in this picture, but he's grown up into quite a hefty fellow.

[19k] [11k] Both Blaze and Bubba and Phantom enjoy playing in their blue tent, sometimes with a friend, sometimes just with a favorite toy.

[7k] Here's Farley, the big albino guy, romping on the floor.

[12k] Dave and Cindy's newest addition, Cadbury, is a sable male who came from "not so nice a home". He seems to have settled in well, though; here he is having fun on the couch.

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