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Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this Gallery.

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Except where otherwise noted, all the pictures are color JPEGs. You should be able to save a copy of any of them using your browser or image-display program.


[5k] Young Hodge-Podge, owned by Carol-Anne Smith, loves to play with his human friends. One of his favorite games is "ferret sandwich," in which a human rolls him up in a blanket and gently "bites" him.

Merlin and Bandit

[10k] Like many ferrets, Tim Spires' Merlin, a light male, and Bandit, a darker female, enjoyed wrestling and play-fighting, before Merlin passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

[7k] [11k] [6k] However, that doesn't mean they didn't get along just fine. Here they are curled up together on the couch, in a dresser drawer, and even in their own bed.

[10k] [11k] When Merlin was a baby, he had the love of socks which many ferrets share.

[8k] [10k] [7k] Bandit seems to love to pose. Here she is in nice front, side, and top views.

[8k] A box full of styrofoam packing "peanuts" can be fun, as Merlin demonstrates, especially if it has a handy portal cut into the side. Just be sure your ferret doesn't chew the foam and swallow pieces.

[7k] Ferrets love to crawl into and through things. Cardboard tubes, like dryer hoses, are fun to play in; here's Merlin rolling around on the floor near one.

Buttons, Sadie, Taz and Gizmo

[6k] Chelli and Dean Backhaus have five ferrets, of which four are in the Gallery. This is Buttons, a sable female, who is very sweet and always wants to give a kiss. She loves raisins and Cheerios and will come running if she thinks she'll get a treat.

[9k] Sadie, another sable female, is blind due to bad cataracts, but as soon as the shower is turned on, she shows up to lick Chelli or Dean's wet feet.

[5k] The largest of the clan is Taz, a sable male who dances all the time and is always ready to give a kiss or accept a treat.

[4k] White male Gizmo, shown here in a very devilish pose, is the most vocal of the group, always dooking and dancing at his humans' feet.


[13k] When Ruben Guardiola's sable male Ferret, better known as Fat Boy, was young, he loved empty Coke cans and would try to steal them. Unfortunately, he couldn't tell full ones from empty ones and would try to steal them both. Here he is joyfully bounding away with his prize.


[14k] Like many ferrets, DeWayne Pratt's young male Renegade has perfected the art of looking innocent. Also like many others, he likes to play in his water dish -- perhaps it's a good thing he's good at looking cute!

[4k] He's also good at sitting up, a trick most ferrets can learn easily.

[13k] [6k] Renegade likes to sit on the couch, especially when the cushions form a cozy cave or he has a favorite toy to play with.

[4k] Sleeping, of course, is a fine art to a ferret. Is he really comfortable like that?

Swamp, Mythril, Sneaker, Nuke and Socks

[18k] Goodness only knows how Yuki and Mike Busch got their five ferrets to stand reasonably still for this photo, but here they are. From left to right in front, we have Swamp (7.5-year-old sable male), Mythril (2-year-old silver female), Sneaker (2-year-old sable female), and Nuke Skyjacker (7-year-old dark sable female). Socks (6-month-old silver mitt female) is poking her head up in back.

[15k] Mythril holds great affection for her wild cousins -- or at least stuffed imitations. Here she is hugging a stuffed Black-Footed Ferret toy.

[16k] Good friends Swamp and Nuke are shown here sleeping together, tumbling out of their "cat tower" bedroom as they doze.

[23k] [15k] Mythril is fascinated by the bead garland on this Christmas tree, even after she's pulled it off the tree. Christmas trees and ferrets mix just fine, but don't use tree preservatives, and keep your fragile ornaments out of reach.


[16k] Here's a nice closeup of Adrienne, Bill and Heather Thomas' sable female. According to Heather, Adrienne loves to play with their chihuahua puppy and steal her food.

[21k] She does have other toys she likes, including this bone, which she's been caught in the act of carrying off.

[11k] [9k] Adrienne also likes playing with human toys, such as the portable phone or the microwave.

[15k] She'll also pose on the toilet seat, being careful not to fall in.

Granny, Clarence, Henry, Edith, Zoey and Nina

[14k] [13k] Granny has achieved some fame around the Internet ferret community, because at nearly 12 years, she's one of the oldest ferrets around. Charlene Lowe adopted her from a rescue shelter, and now she's plump and happy. Her favorite hobby is kissing.

[13k] Charlene's two males, Clarence and Henry, can't jump like her females can, but they can stretch and hoist themselves to just about anywhere. The desk is a favorite play area.

[16k] Albino Edith enjoys helping with the laundry. As you can see, her idea of helping is a lot like lounging.

[21k] Zoey, a sable female, likes to help... uh... "redecorate" the Christmas tree.

[20k] When Nina was a baby, she loved to go for walks. Unfortunately, Nina was lost to lymphosarcoma at the tender age of 2.5 years.

Central Arizona Ferret Club

These photos were taken at various get-togethers of the Central Arizona Ferret Club over the last few years. They come from Bob Nixon's FTP archive, where you can find many more. They have been cropped slightly to save disk space. All rights are reserved by the Central Arizona Ferret Club.

[21k] He's not dead, just resting -- flat on his back, paws in the air.

[14k] It's a ferret's job to find out what's in coffee mugs left sitting around, but this young sable kit takes his task more seriously than most.

[12k] This ferret does a remarkable impression of the Coca-Cola polar bear. A lick or two of soda is okay for ferrets, most of whom have quite the sweet tooth, but too much is bad for their teeth.


[8k] This is a good side view of Velocity, Sean Robinson's young albino male.

[8k] Velocity has the usual ferret fascination with feet. Here he is hiding behind one of Sean's.

[7k] [6k] He has learned a few more unusual skills, though -- here he is pulling the plastic lid off a coffee can and tossing it aside. He must be disappointed to discover that all it holds is clean litter.

[8k] [9k] A dryer hose provides plenty of fun, whether you're inside it or just playing nearby.

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