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Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this Gallery.

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Except where otherwise noted, all the pictures are color JPEGs. You should be able to save a copy of any of them using your browser or image-display program.

Scooter, Tavi Bear, and Nina

[16k] Chris Haas' ferrets enjoy curling up in their bed of blankets. Here from left to right are Scooter, a female sable who loves to give kisses; Tavi Bear, an attention-loving sable male; and Nina, a 6-year-old sable female.

Pocus and Tikki

[7k] Here's Pocus, short for Pocahontas, Tom and Karin Isabell's 2-year-old sable mitt female, showing off the white feet and chest that give her the mitt coloration.

[6k] Looking at Tikki (Rikki Tikki Tavi), a 3-year-old sable female, next to her favorite toy, it's easy to see why "Slinky" is such a popular ferret name.

[6k] Here's Pocus, fascinated by a Christmas tree ornament, mere moments before she removed it and bolted behind the couch with it. Christmas trees are all right around ferrets, as long as you don't use tree preservative and all the breakable ornaments are out of reach.

[5k] It may look like Pocus and Tikki are fighting, but this kind of wrestling is just play.

Tandy and Hjalmar

[12k] This is Hjalmar, Steve and Sukie Crandall's sable male, as a kit, curled up on Sukie's chest.

[6k] Tandy, a sable female, is shown in this 1982 photo hard at work, as usual. She must be plotting something...

Belle and Caruso

[17k] Linda Iroff's wise old one-eyed cat Pepper watches over Belle, a young sable female kit. Most cats and ferrets get along fine, if they're introduced slowly enough.

[6k] [7k] "Sit up" is one of the easiest tricks to teach a ferret. Belle, a year and a half old, has it down pat, standing by Linda's slippered feet just waiting and waiting for a raisin.

[5k] Here's a closeup of Belle, age two, checking out the camera.

[20k] At three years old, Belle got a little brother, Caruso, a light sable shown here snuggling with his sister.

[13k] [17k] At six weeks old, baby Caruso shows off his pudgy tummy and his sharp baby teeth.

[12k] He's not shy about interspecies communication, though. He's even willing to share prime grazing land with this plastic horse.

[10k] Shown here investigating the camera lens at six months old, Caruso hasn't lost any of his communication skills.

[23k] [23k] [13k] Now that Caruso's a bit older, he and Belle like to play and nap in their carpeted kitty condo, either alone or together.

Little, Big and Bartok

[12k] Like many ferrets, Jon-Anne Sieffert's sable female Little liked to curl up in a pile of clothes. Always check your laundry before putting it in the wash!

[13k] On the other hand, sable female Big prefers to share Jon-Anne's bed, snuggling down under the covers.

[14k] Bartok, a young sable male, likes the bed too, but he curls up on top of the blankets.

[15k] Sometimes you need a little ferret companionship, though. Here Big and Bartok stretch out together by the (cold) radiator.

[9k] Eagerly jumping after a dangling toy, Bartok gives a fine performance of the Ferret Foxtrot (also called the Dance of Joy or the Weasel Wardance).

Silk and Weehawk

[9k] [10k] Just because someone's trying to take a picture is no reason for Krystal Sewell's ferrets Weehawk, a dark sable male, and Silk Bufflehead, a silvermitt female, to sit quietly on her lap. In fact, it seems like the perfect time to wrestle!

[4k] Many people call ferrets "furry snakes" because they're so flexible, but lying flat on her stomach, Silk looks more like a furry seal.

[13k] Quite the climber, here Silk heads down the back of a bench nose-first.

[5k] [8k] Silk's very good at looking pensive. First she considers digging in the poinsettia, but resists; then she must be wondering, "Shouldn't this toy Santa have Ferretone in its bag?"

Weasy, Baby, Lester and Sassy

[23k] Dave Ellis' ferrets, like many others, enjoy playing with plastic balls in a dish of water. Weasy, a sable female, is in the middle, and working around from left to right we have Baby, a 6-month-old sable female; Lester, a male; and Sassy, a white female.


[21k] In this picture, Susan Downey's white female Monster clambers about a chair while her teddy bear Nicholas looks on benevolently.

[27k] Most ferrets like to play outdoors, but you should watch them carefully or have them wear a harness and leash. Here Monster enjoys playing in the leaves during a camping trip.

[12k] Here's Monster in a a nice, big side view.

Bell, Baby, Silver and Y

[8k] Six-month-old kits can manage to get into plenty of trouble, as Lisa Stamm knows well -- she has four of them. Here Baby, a siamese sable, digs through Lisa's shoe bag.

[11k] Bell, a sable mitt female, only likes to eat if she's managed to dump a few pieces of food onto the floor first.

[6k] [6k] All tuckered out from their latest play, female Silver (a silver, appropriately enough) and dark sable male Y show us their versions of the "ferret speedbump".

[15k] Here are Baby, in front; Bell, in the middle; and Silver, up in the top left corner, all sharing supper.

[9k] Finally, here's the whole gang curled up asleep together.

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