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Except where otherwise noted, all the pictures are color JPEGs. You should be able to save a copy of any of them using your browser or image-display program.


[4k] Here's 6-week-old Waldo Wilde, Joel and Mary Cohen's silvermitt male, peering out from his sleeping bag.

[19k] At 8 weeks old, Waldo shows off his white chest bib. The blue eyes are lit up by the flash.

Punkin and Hobbes

[14k] Rommie Duckworth's sable Punkin ("more 'punk' than 'in,'" says Rommie) likes playing with a toy on the end of a string.

[16k] Rommie's first ferret, Hobbes, is shown here in a very nice close-up.

Max, Punky Doodle, Sidney and Peanut

[12k] Sidney, a silver male, was Mike and Wanda Janke's first ferret and a terror around any kind of potted plant, as you can see. He's been gone over three years now and they still miss him dearly.

[6k] This silvermitt male's given name is Duncan, but he'll always be "Punky Doodle" to Mike and Wanda. He loves people, but he doesn't get along with other animals, even other ferrets.

[12k] Here's light sable male Max and his buddy Peanut the cat.

Rosebud and Teacup

[13k] Dark sable female Rosebud was the second of four ferrets to move in with Richard and Heather Bingham. She's shown here with Teacup, a cat who moved in at about the same time. They're both about 12 weeks old.

Rikki and Ran-chan

[10k] Albino Rikki and sable Ran-chan live with Alisa Farrington and know just where the freshest water comes from: the tub faucet!

[12k] They also enjoy a good romp on the bed.

Bandit, Akasha, Sam and Butch

[13k] Here are Bandit and Akasha, two sables who live with Alexis, looking curiously at the camera.

[26k] Here they are enjoying an outdoor expedition, tunneling through the grass.

[9k] [12k] They get along very well, whether they're kissing or just wrestling.

[16k] The new residents, albino kit Sam and sable youngster Butch, really get into their food.


[27k] Farrah, Cherrie Dean's dark sable female, makes a striking contrast against the background of a white wicker chair. Fearless and brave, says Cherrie, she was the only one of their group who stood still for the studio picture.


[6k] Here's Freckles, a dark sable male only a few months old, caught in mid-frolic in the bathtub that was his temporary home while visiting a relative. Freckles lives with "Mailingliz" in a city where ferrets are not welcome.


[6k] This is a picture of Cheryl and Rikki, a sable. Says Cheryl, "Rikki has been a Godsend after I was hit by a drunk driver in May of 1995. Rikki makes me happy!"


[11k] Dark-eyed white Beauty probably doesn't enjoy his bath, but he isn't putting up too much of a fight. He lived with John Morash for seven years.

[12k] Beauty sits happily on John's arm as they smile for the camera.

Baileys, Jesper, Silver, Trasan, Trollet and Filur

[29k] Like all ferrets, this trio are very curious, this time investigating the camera someone's pointing at them. Clockwise from the bottom, they're Trasan, Silver, and Trollet, and they live with Mia and Tord in Sweden.

[16k] Silver (a silver, of course) perches comfortably on Tord's shoulder. What a fluffy tail!

[15k] Sable Jesper is very friendly, even consenting to share his food with Filur the dog.

[13k] Baileys, a dark-eyed white, and his friend Trollet, a dark sable, are quite a study in contrasts.

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