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Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this Gallery.

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Except where otherwise noted, all the pictures are color JPEGs. You should be able to save a copy of any of them using your browser or image-display program.

Pumpkin and Stinker

[17k] Here's a nice close-up of Pumpkin, in front, and Stinker, who live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with Laura Lindenmayer. Jeff Wagner sent this picture in as a gift for Laura.

Stella, Balistic, Bear, Foster, Gus, Tori, Moose and Daye

[32k] Stella, Bob Church's sable panda (I guess), knows how to roll over for a carob chip, but half the time she gets stuck like this, flat on her back looking like an otter.

[14k] This is Balistic, a silver adoptee from Ferret Family Services, just as she is about to spring upwards to capture a squeak toy. Her tail isn't missing, she's just sitting on it.

[12k] Bear, a dark sable, loves to sit on the rocker and survey his kingdom. Bear came from a ferret shelter in Oregon, whines like a baby, and thinks the best three things in the world are jerky, raisins, and sleeping under Bob's shirt.

[11k] From left to right, here are Bear, Moose, Tori, and Daye. Says Bob: "This photo was taken when Tori was about 6 months old, and was just becoming part of the group. I wanted a picture that seemed like the others were interested in the newcomer, so rubbed some Ferretone on her nose. I got three shots before war broke out, and Tori smelled up the place. Stella is actually in this photo as well, but you can't see her, because she is sniffing Tori's you-know-what."

[14k] Foster is a nine-year-old boy. He may be old, and he might look innocent, but he's quite the little devil, says Bob. "Look closely at his nose, and you can see why we sometimes call him 'Booger'." Foster has severe arthritis, and loves to be rocked while sleeping on people's laps.

[25k] According to Bob, Gus has proved himself to be quite the joker. He loves to apply new scents to himself--in this case, popcorn. In the last few months, he has managed to roll in popcorn, old garbage, barbequed ribs, the cat box, and a container of potting soil he managed to tip over and open. When caught, he always looks as if to say, "What?"

[23k] Tori, shown here curled up asleep in a round bed, is an albino female coming up on her 1st birthday who thinks she is the toughest ferret in the house. She will fight anyone, and if a fight takes place between anyone else, she is soon in the middle of it. She is a passionate lover of sunflower seeds and soda (not that she gets more than a taste), and Bob swears she can climb glass. She also sleeps the hardest, frightening her human family weekly with "Sleeping, Not Dead" episodes.

Trixie and a few "Unknowns"

[8k] [12k] This is Trixie, who lives with Bill Looyen in New Zealand. Notice something funny about her? She's a weasel, not a ferret, though Bill didn't know that when he got her. Nevertheless, she knows how to sit up, and she's very cute, even when seen through the wall of a fishtank. Please note that weasels, unlike ferrets, are wild animals. They're likely to be more aggressive, less trustworthy, and much harder to take care of than ferrets. They are not recommended as pets.

[32k] I don't know this sable ferret's name, but he (she?) found a nice, cozy place to curl up on a cold night: Bill's slipper.

[16k] As this ferret found out, when you decide to sleep in the toilet, sometimes you get more than you bargained for!

[5k] This is Fitchie, 6 years old and in pretty good health, except for that mast cell tumor, which developed in about a week and then stopped growing. Mast cell and other skin tumors aren't uncommon in older ferrets; they may become malignant easily, so they should be removed quickly.

[B&W, 5k] Baby human plus baby ferret (plus computerized image editing).


[12k] [20k] Seven-week-old Fred, a light sable female (but at that age it's hard to tell what her adult coat will be), definitely has the hang of drinking from a water bowl -- and just look at the size of her tongue! Fred lives with Jesse and Kirsten Dorrestijn, ages 13 and 12, in the Netherlands.

[20k] Here are Fred and Jesse posing for the camera.


[12k] Greg Burke's dark sable female Bubba has the usual ferret addiction to stealing things. In this case it looks like she's making off with a drumstick, carrying it across the bed.

[12k] Bubba rises to the challenge of defending her human family from the terrible teddy bear monster by, well, dragging it across the bed, too. If only it weren't so big!

[16k] Here's Bubba being held by Greg's dad, probably so she doesn't wiggle out of the cowboy hat she's wearing.

Mona Mayferret

[32k] Many ferrets react to the sound of a guitar, but John Coder's sable Mona Mayferret really gets into his music.

Farrah and Rocky

[18k] Mary Nelson Steeves's Farrah and Rocky look quite different, but they're both good at posing for the camera in this very attractive photo.


[20k] This is a front view of Timmy, Gary Holowicki's "twice miracle child" (because he recovered from cancer which vets didn't expect him to survive).


[20k] Melissa Litwicki's dark sable male Noodle enjoys playing outdoors, though he keeps a close eye on Melissa's feet. This picture was taken when Noodle was still a wee tot, about 10 or 12 weeks old.


[B&W, 6k] Sable Nipper shows off how she earned that name by menacing Mark Michael's foot. She's learned to just lick now, right?
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